Tarot and More

Spiritual  sciences are an important part of human education. We think we are worldly beings who want a spiritual experience . THE  REALITY IS  THAT  WE  ARE  SPIRITUAL  BEINGS  WHO  HAVE  REINCARNATED  FOR  A  WORLDLY EXPERIENCE. Therefor even for worldly activities , the root of the drive that empowers us lies in our eternal spiritual origin. Like children can never be separated from parents because the parents live on in the DNA of the person and his progeny. Similarily even the greatest atheist or  adamant scientific mind carries the cosmic power within  , only choosing to work on one side of the potential within and ignoring the spiritual base which is the never ending source of human potential .

Tarot is a shruti  , developed as a spiritual  concept to help people to peep into the nature within them and outside them . It is a torch-bearer that uses divine light to show us the path in the darkness of ignorance.

Atmabodha – About Us

We are dedicated to make your life blissful . Anand Tarot is a branch of Kalki Sewak Sangathan who main office is in Panchkula( Haryana) , India . Anand Tarot recognises that TAROT  is the best friend and divine light for one and all.